What is Fluid UI?

Fluid UI is a prototyping tool that lets you design, test and get feedback on your app ideas quickly and without needing to know how to code. More info

Do I need to know how to code?

No, you don’t need to know any coding to use Fluid UI. It is a concept tool getting your ideas out of your head and into your user’s hands for review. More info

Which browser should I use?

Chrome is recommended for use with Fluid UI. Firefox and Safari will work but there may be issues. Internet Explorer is not compatible. More info

Can I make a real working app?

Not yet, but it's something on our roadmap. Fluid UI is for prototyping and concept validation - for getting your app developed quicker and with less risk. More info

How do I edit the text in a widget?

Double click to edit the text in a widget in Fluid UI. Use the widget menu to edit the color, size or font of the text you have selected. More info

How do I make a hamburger menu?

You can make the Android hamburger menu by using 'half off page' widgets. More info

How do I upload images?

Once you have a solo account or higher you can add images by dragging them into your browser window. They will show in the uploads tab of your library. More info

How do I unlock all the libraries?

The other libraries will be unlocked once you have a paid account. The free account allows you access to the wireframe library only. More info

How to set the start page

You can set any page in your prototype to the start page by focusing on that page and clicking the "Start page" switch in the page settings menu. More info

How do I create a link?

Select any widget and click the blue "link" icon from the widget menu. The link will be added when you click another page or "new page". More info

How do I make a page scroll when previewing?

Increasing the page width or height in the page menu will automatically cause any pages to scroll (horizontally, vertically or both) when you preview. More info

How do I delete a link?

Hover over the link until the link menu appears. Open the menu and click delete. (note: Close pages may obscure the menu - you may need to move them apart) More info

How do I upgrade to another plan

If you decide to upgrade to a different plan, please let us know via email or our in app chat so we can help arrange the refund for you. More info

How do I pause my account billing?

To pause (stop your paid plan but save your projects) click "Pause account" in the account settings menu. To delete your account, please contact support. More info

How do I undo?

Control-z (command-z on mac) will undo any action you take. Use timeline review or version history to restore an older version of your project. More info

Where is my project gone?

Fluid does not delete any projects for accounts that have been accessed in the preceding year. Here are some common ways to recover your project. More info

How do I save my project?

Fluid UI saves your project locally and on our servers automatically all the time. You can review and restore any version from the version history. More info

Creating your first prototype

Tags: Documentation | Prototyping

Read the introductory tutorial and learn how to create a new project, then create some pages in that project and add widgets from the library. Finally add links between widgets and pages to create an interactive prototype before you preview your prototype to see the end result. Not convinced yet? See why you should prototype.

Managing projects and versions

Tags: Documentation | Projects

Learn how to create, manage, clone, delete, archive, save and restore projects and project versions. Change the default settings including orientation, set up gestures and animations in your project. Finally, change the splash screen and app icons.

Validating your concept with users

Tags: Documentation | Usertesting

Learn more about how you can validate your product ideas using Fluid UI, making sure you get real customer feedback. Once you are happy with your concept, learn how you can integrate your results into your company and how you can get your app developed.


Tags: Documentation | Navigation

Learn all about navigating the canvas using the Fluid UI camera controls. Use view settings to turn on/off snapping and grid. Find out what keyboard shortcuts are available in Fluid UI.

Live chat support

Live chat support 8am-8pm GMT Monday to Friday with frequent check-ins until 11pm and over the weekend. Our median chat response time is 10-15 minutes. We prioritise responses for paying customers. You can also email support@fluidui.com or find us on Twitter - but please use just one.