Which browser should I use with Fluid UI?

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Chrome is recommended for use with Fluid UI. Firefox and Safari will work but there may be issues. Internet Explorer is not compatible.

How to upgrade to another plan in Fluid UI

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If you decide to upgrade to a different plan, for example from Solo to Pro please let us know via email or our in app chat so we can help arrange a refund for you.

How do I undo?

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Control-z (command-z on mac) will undo any action you take.

The timeline review in the bottom right corner (beside the bin) also has a full history of actions you've taken in the current session. You can use it to jump back to any previous state the project you're working on.

Use version history to restore a different version of any project.

Why is my project missing in Fluid UI?

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Fluid does not delete projects for any account that has been accessed in less than a year. We'll send a reminder email before we delete anything too.

  1. Make sure you are logged into the correct account, especially if you signed up originally with a personal email and then created a second account for work. If you have a link to the project, our support team can tell you what account the email belongs to.

  2. Make sure multiple people aren't logging into the same account. Fluid does not yet allow the same project to be edited at the same time by multiple people, particular in the same account and this may cause unpredictable behaviour. Please make sure only one person is logged into the account at a time.

  3. Make sure you haven't overwritten a previous version - if necessary restore version.

  4. Cloning a project will open that project immediately and close the current project.

If you are still worried about your project, please contact the support team in the in app chat and we do our best to resolve the situation with you.

How do I edit text in Fluid UI?

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  • Double click the text inside the widget to select it.

  • Use the widget menu to edit the color, size or font of the text you have selected.

  • Read this detailed article for more information about editing your widget's properties.