The Fluid UI API

Want to write apps that integrate the Fluid UI editor or previews? The Fluid UI API documentation will launch Q3 2016.

api methods that are essential for mobile app

1) login [POST]

  • creates session that will enable listing projects etc
  • post data {'t': 'login', email: '', 'password1': 'mypass', iid: 13239983}
  • successful login returns various informations:
    accName, accType, accountId, createDate, email, intercomUserHash, lastPaymentDate, lastPaymentResult, lastProjectId, libsWhitelist, maxActiveProjects, maxPages, nextPaymentDate, objects, recurrance, sessionId, settings, status, teamOwner, upgradeDate

2) listProjectsExtended [POST]

  • lists projects and projects' informations for certain account
  • post data {t: 'listProjectsExtended', data: {"userId":"u_44b9e6e7f0d71d4f0e3b4382038151ad"}, iid: 13239983}
  • successful response contains JSON string under 't'
  • that JSON should contain everything needed for listing projects - id, name, preview in base64, created and last updated timestamps, additionally - active, removed, shared, permission parameters

3) export [GET]

4) previewMail [POST]

  • requests server to send email with link to the preview
  • post data {'t': 'previewMail', p: 'project id', email: 'users email', iid: 13239983}

Remaining api methods (all are POST methods)

  • accountSettingsSync - for upsyncing editor account settings
  • accountState - information about session etc
  • changeBilling - changes billing info
  • changeEmail - changes email
  • changePass - changes password
  • setMaster - taking control over when simultaneous use of editor occurs
  • create - creating accounts
  • login - logging in
  • emailRegd - checking if email exists
  • getPayments - get payments info
  • getLibrariesWhitelist - get list of unlocked libraries for that account
  • importUserPackage - importing exported projects
  • libSync - synchronizing newly added/removed custom widgets
  • listProjects - old method for listing projects
  • updateCard - updating credit card details
  • projectDuplicate - clones project
  • projectSync - upsyncing project changes
  • shareProjectWithUser - sharing projects with users
  • unshareProjectWithUser - removing shares
  • listSharedProjectWithUsers - lists projects shared with user
  • projectTransfer - sending projects between users
  • projectVersionList - lists all versions of a project
  • projectVersionRestore - restores certain version of a project
  • remove - removes objects (uploads, custom widgets, projects etc)
  • remove Account - removes users account
  • restore - restores removed object (upload, custom
    widget, project etc)
  • shareLog - logging for sharing projects
  • syncDown - downloading metadata for projects
  • upload Export For Safari - hotfix for safari
  • validatePass - pass wall is shown before removing account
  • listProjectsExtended - lists projects
  • getTeammates - gets list of teammates
  • addTeammate - adds a teammate
  • removeTeammate - removes a teammate

Fluid UI Guide and Tutorials (Page 1)

Fluid UI does not do app development, but unsurprisingly, we know a lot of people who do. If you have a meaningful budget for app development, feel free to contact us in the chat widget here or in the editor and we can look to partner you with a suitable company that we recommend.