Creating your first prototype

Tags: Documentation | Prototyping

Read the introductory tutorial and learn how to create a new project, then create some pages in that project and add widgets from the library. Finally add links between widgets and pages to create an interactive prototype before you preview your prototype to see the end result. Not convinced yet? See why you should prototype.

Managing projects and versions

Tags: Documentation | Projects

Learn how to create, manage, clone, delete, archive, save and restore projects and project versions. Change the default settings including orientation, set up gestures and animations in your project. Finally, change the splash screen and app icons.

Validating your concept with users

Tags: Documentation | Usertesting

Learn more about how you can validate your product ideas using Fluid UI, making sure you get real customer feedback. Once you are happy with your concept, learn how you can integrate your results into your company and how you can get your app developed.


Tags: Documentation | Navigation

Learn all about navigating the canvas using the Fluid UI camera controls. Use view settings to turn on/off snapping and grid. Find out what keyboard shortcuts are available in Fluid UI.