Managing projects

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The first project you created or the last project you worked on will automatically open once you are in the editor. Click open in the home menu to view all of your own projects and shared projects.

The project that is currently open will be highlighted light blue in the open projects dialogue box.

Finding projects

Filter, sort and search for projects in the projects filter.
Project filters

Copy, share, project settings and delete

Project clone, share, delete

Copy or clone entire projects

  • If you need to test out another direction with your app but don't want to have to redo all of your work just clone the whole project and keep the old version while you work on the new.

  • This is also great for when you want to send a version to a client but need to keep working on it in the mean time.

Share a project

  • Share a project to someone else's account, they can now view the project in their own 'shared projects'.

Manage project settings

Delete a project

  • Delete entire projects that you're finished with.
  • Remember if you delete a project by accident it is still accessible by using the deleted projects filter.

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