The complete guide to Fluid UI

When you are ready to preview your app in the browser, click on the green play button and the preview will start.

Preview settings menu

You can access the preview settings menu when you click on the green play button. The preview settings menu contains options that give you a greater level of control over how your preview plays:

  • Make sure you have selected your app's starting page from the page settings so that your app runs as you would expect it to.

  • Download the iOS and Android player apps.

  • Use the player app to scan the QR code and test on your mobile or tablet.

  • Show notes (is set to hidden by default) Use notes to explain what each page does. Turn off notes to give a more realistic app preview.

  • Show links (is set to hidden by default)

  • Restart - return to the start page of your preview

  • Best fit - Chose best fit to fit the preview to your screen or chose your own size.

  • Fullscreen - Fits the preview to the maximum available space, use the slider to adjust the size of the preview screen manually.

When you are finished previewing, click the stop icon to return from Preview Mode to Editing Mode and get back to you design.

Tip: Use your keyboard’s arrow keys to navigate through the pages of a prototype in preview.