Project settings

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Click on the home menu icon to access project options and settings.

From here you can:

  • Create new projects
  • Open and manage existing ones
  • Copy or clone projects
  • Restore project versions
  • Manage your project's settings
  • Print and export your project

Project settings options

Use project settings to:

  • Open projects
  • Clone or copy projects
  • Access version history and restore previous versions
  • Upload your own icon and splash screen
  • Change device resolution and transitions settings
  • Change the default device orientation

Change your project's device resolution

  • All of the common phone resolutions are listed, as well as several desktop/browser resolutions.

  • Scroll to the end of the device options to find the custom screen size options. You can add in your own height and width here.

  • Selecting the correct resolution for the device you will be testing on will dramatically improve the quality and speed of the prototype.

  • You can choose the orientation for the app you are designing.

Change your project's default gestures and transitions

Set the transition and gesture you want to have in your app. This will mean that each new link you create will automatically be set to the default transition and gesture you have chosen.

  • Some example gestures are tap, double tap and swipe.
  • Some examples of transitions are flip, slide, pop and fade.

You can also change the gestures and transitions for individual links:

Changing gestures and transitions for individual links

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