Account Settings

The accounts settings will allow you to manage all aspects of your Fluid UI account.

It is divided into three sections:

  • Personal details
  • Teammates
  • Receipts and billing

Personal details

In this section you can do the following:

  • Set your name
  • Change your email/ password

You can also upload an avatar or change an existing one.


In this section you can add/ remove teammates and managed all aspects of your team account.

Receipts and billing

In this section you can manage your receipts and billing.

  • You can see at a glance what your current account status is
  • You can also see when you next payment is due
  • You can cancel billing
  • You can download all receipts for your account


If you cancel billing all future billing will be cancelled but you will retain access to the premium features for the remainder of the current billing period.

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You'll find cancel billing in the account settings inside the main menu. Billing will stop as soon as you pause your account.

  • If you chose to downgrade your account to free then you will not lose any of your work but you will be restricted to the features that are available in the Fluid UI free plan.

  • You can upgrade again at any time to use the premium features once more.

  • If you don't plan on using Fluid UI in a given month, you can choose 'Cancel Billing' from the account settings menu.

  • We store your projects free of charge for up to a year. (We will send a warning email to sign back in after a year of inactivity before we delete any of your data).

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You can download your receipts from the receipts section of the 'Account Settings' menu (accessible from the top right 'Fluid' menu button). If you need to have regular receipts sent to yourself or your accounts team, you can also set this up from there.

Payment details on your statement

The charge on your credit card statement will be from 'Fluid Software Ltd'.

Fluid UI Guide and Tutorials (Page 1)

If you decide to upgrade to a different plan, for example from Solo to Pro please let us know via email or our in app chat so we can help arrange a refund for you.