Fluid UI Guide and Tutorials

  • Click on widgets to select them.

  • Select components of widgets and edit them, such as text or boxes inside a menu widget.

  • Widgets can be grouped to move/copy/paste/align them together.

Selecting multiple widgets

Start dragging on the page frame (the dark grey area around the selected page) or on an area that does not already contain a widget other than the background.

All widgets that are contained in the blue box after dragging will be selected.

Creating groups

Use the group icon to create a group, and when a group is selected, you can ungroup them with the ungroup icon.

Keyboard shortcuts

  • Ctrl + A (Cmd + A) will select all the widgets on the focused page.

  • Holding down Ctrl (Cmd) while clicking on a widget will add or remove that widget from your selection.
  • Cut - control + X
  • Copy - control + C
  • Paste - control + V
  • Delete - control + delete
  • Clone/duplicate - control + D

Tip: Groups will be clearly indicated by a border when selected. In order to edit widgets in a group, they must be ungrouped first.