How to use the Fluid UI library

The library has 3 tabs

Widget libraries

1. Pre-built widgets
The widget libraries include dedicated libraries for iOS, Android, Windows, wearables and website wireframing.

By default the ‘wireframe’ library is selected, this is a good option if you don’t want to worry about the exact device you are prototyping for, but just want to get a good overall feel for how your app's UI will flow.

2. Uploaded widgets
Upload your own images from Photoshop or the web and make high fidelity prototypes.

3. Saved design patterns
Save design patterns, screens and customized widgets to use again and again.

What can you do in the library?

  • Use the search bar to quickly find the widgets you need
  • Select and add widgets to your pages
  • Upload your own widgets to the uploads section
  • Save your own design patterns to the saved design patterns to speed up your workflow
  • Resize, open and close the library to give yourself more screen space.

Tip: To access the libraries, click on any page and the library will open on the left of the editor. Select your chosen library from the widget library dropdown menu and start designing.