Live Preview

Sharing your preview with colleagues, stakeholders, users and investors is now easier than ever with Fluid UI.

We will show you how to achieve this in a few easy steps.

To share a live preview you simply open your project and in the top right corner you will see a tab marked 'Live'. Just click on this tab to open Live presentation.

When you click on Live you will be taken into the Live Preview. You will be able to annotate the screens using the quick bar in the top left corner. To move on to the next screen you simply click the screen.

Once in Live Preview you will be able to click through the prototype. Simply click on the screen to move through the flow.

You can also invite others to the Live Preview by clicking on the Live Preview URL:

When your audience clicks on the URL they will be asked to join the presentation after entering a user name and email. Your audience do not need to have Fluid accounts to view and take part in the presentation but this allows you to identify them when they are making contributions:

When the user enters their details they will be visible in the top of the preview and will be able to view all of the interactions and to chat with you and others.

To make text comments simply type in the comment section where all users will be able to take part in the discussion.