Real Time Collaboration

With Fluid UI you can now collaborate in real time with your team mates. There are a few simple steps to set this up.

First, you need to assemble your team:

add a teammate

Just type in the email of the colleague that you wish to add to your team and click 'Add to Team'.

You can also remove teammates by simply clicking the thrash icon which becomes visible when you hover over their name.

remove a teammate

Once you have assembled your team, you can share your project with them. They will then be able to collaborate with you and anyone else you have invited in real time. You will be able to see your teammates as they are making changes, and your teammates will be able to see any changes that you are making. All in real time.

Once you have assembled your team. You need to invite individual members of the team to collaborate on your project. All team members do not automatically get access to your projects; they need to be invited. You can do this via the Share Menu:

Simply type in the name of your teammate and chose Collaborate from the dropdown.

If you want to remove them later, you can also do this via the same menu. Click on the thrash icon beside their name to remove them from having access to the project.

When you are in edit mode, you can see all of the avatars of your team along the Top bar. The colour of dot under each avatar will help you to identify who is working on a page at any given moment. The same dot will appear on the page.

With the Team_5 Plan you can have a maximum of 5 on the team. You do not have to have the same 5 at all times.

With the Team_10 you can have a maximum of 10 on the team.


If you have a bigger team, just contact us and we can put a customised plan together for you.

Live Preview

Sharing your preview with colleagues, stakeholders, users and investors is now easier than ever with Fluid UI.

We will show you how to achieve this in a few easy steps.

To share a live preview you simply open your project and in the top right corner you will see a tab marked 'Live'. Just click on this tab to open Live presentation.

When you click on Live you will be taken into the Live Preview. You will be able to annotate the screens using the quick bar in the top left corner. To move on to the next screen you simply click the screen.

Once in Live Preview you will be able to click through the prototype. Simply click on the screen to move through the flow.

You can also invite others to the Live Preview by clicking on the Live Preview URL:

When your audience clicks on the URL they will be asked to join the presentation after entering a user name and email. Your audience do not need to have Fluid accounts to view and take part in the presentation but this allows you to identify them when they are making contributions:

When the user enters their details they will be visible in the top of the preview and will be able to view all of the interactions and to chat with you and others.

To make text comments simply type in the comment section where all users will be able to take part in the discussion.

Fluid UI Guide and Tutorials (Page 1)

With Fluid Teams it's easier than ever to share projects and get feedback from your team members.

  • You can add up to 4 team collaborators.
  • They will get an email requesting that they sign up/in and will have full access to all of the premium features of Fluid UI.
  • You can manage your team and add and delete members as your team changes.
  • Fluid Teams is great for companies that want team licences and have more then one person working on a design project.
  • One person can buy the team licence and then invite their colleagues to work on projects together.

Share and collaborate on projects in Fluid UI

In Fluid UI you are able to edit projects with your colleagues in real time.

You start by creating your team.

Add team members

Simply add your colleagues email and then add them to the team.

Adding team members in Fluid UI

  • You can add up to 5 team collaborators (this can be extended for larger teams).

  • Fluid Teams is great for companies that want team licences and have more then one person working on a design project.

  • One person can buy the team licence and then invite their colleagues to work on projects together.

  • We are currently working on finalising the live collaboration feature so your team can work simultaneously on a project. You will need to send the project to each team member. They can then edit it and send back to you.

Share an entire project

sharing projects with collaborators in Fluid UI

  • Quickly share projects for preview using the new sharing menu. The next time your teammates access their project list, the project will be there for them (if they don't have an account yet, they will be invited to sign up too).
  • Manage who has access to your projects.
  • Share a URL to the project preview with anyone. They won't need to log in to preview it.
  • Sharing previews is available to all account types.

  • Click 'Open' in the home menu to manage your own shared projects, use the drop down menu to sort through, open, archived and shared projects.

Copy or clone entire projects

copying or cloning projects in Fluid UI

  • If you need to test out another direction with your app but don't want to have to redo all of your work just clone the whole project and keep the old version while you work on the new.

  • This is great for when you want to send a version to a client or colleague but need to keep working on it in the mean time.

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