Fluid UI Project Menu

  • To access your project list, simply click into the home menu and then select my projects.

  • View all of your projects via clear thumbnails.

  • See when your projects were last revised.

  • Each thumbnail will contain an overview of your project screenflow.

  • Search through your active, archived and shared projects.

  • Sort your projects by name, last update and creation date.

Advanced Text editing with Fluid UI

The text editing menu allows you to control all aspects of the text style.

text editing menu

The standard features can be found in this menu:

  • Text colour
  • Font
  • Text type (Bold, Italics, Underlined)
  • Opacity
  • Allignment of text (right, left, centred, justified)

There are also advanced text editing features which allow you to enhance your design.

  • Text case settings (Uppercase, lowercase, capital case, none)
  • Text shadows
  • Customisable line height
  • Customisable letter spacing

To add shadow to your text you need to click the box beside Shadow and then chose the colour that you would like to use.

You can also move the shadow along the x/y axis simply by adjusting those specific settings.

You can then also add more or less blur by placing a value for blur.

Account Settings

The accounts settings will allow you to manage all aspects of your Fluid UI account.

It is divided into three sections:

  • Personal details
  • Teammates
  • Receipts and billing

Personal details

In this section you can do the following:

  • Set your name
  • Change your email/ password

You can also upload an avatar or change an existing one.


In this section you can add/ remove teammates and managed all aspects of your team account.

Receipts and billing

In this section you can manage your receipts and billing.

  • You can see at a glance what your current account status is
  • You can also see when you next payment is due
  • You can cancel billing
  • You can download all receipts for your account


If you cancel billing all future billing will be cancelled but you will retain access to the premium features for the remainder of the current billing period.

Real Time Collaboration

With Fluid UI you can now collaborate in real time with your team mates. There are a few simple steps to set this up.

First, you need to assemble your team:

add a teammate

Just type in the email of the colleague that you wish to add to your team and click 'Add to Team'.

You can also remove teammates by simply clicking the thrash icon which becomes visible when you hover over their name.

remove a teammate

Once you have assembled your team, you can share your project with them. They will then be able to collaborate with you and anyone else you have invited in real time. You will be able to see your teammates as they are making changes, and your teammates will be able to see any changes that you are making. All in real time.

Once you have assembled your team. You need to invite individual members of the team to collaborate on your project. All team members do not automatically get access to your projects; they need to be invited. You can do this via the Share Menu:

Simply type in the name of your teammate and chose Collaborate from the dropdown.

If you want to remove them later, you can also do this via the same menu. Click on the thrash icon beside their name to remove them from having access to the project.

When you are in edit mode, you can see all of the avatars of your team along the Top bar. The colour of dot under each avatar will help you to identify who is working on a page at any given moment. The same dot will appear on the page.

With the Team_5 Plan you can have a maximum of 5 on the team. You do not have to have the same 5 at all times.

With the Team_10 you can have a maximum of 10 on the team.


If you have a bigger team, just contact us and we can put a customised plan together for you.

The Top Bar

The top bar which is found at the top of the editor contains a number of features.

  • Add Page
  • Clone Page
  • Page Settings
  • Zoom

The page settings allows you to control all features related to the page you are working on.